Sunday, July 20, 2014

Galloping Gourmet

Max is, how to put this delicately, a counter-surfer. He is also a table climber, purse digger and forager of the highest order. Max does not lack for taste variety, not that he tastes much since chewing just gets in the way of eating, but his diet is largely as varied as ours. He often gets fresh veggies if we do, peanut butter, frozen yogurt treats, training treats, and "good boy" treats. Yet, he still can not keep his nose out of things. If it will fit in his mouth he'll try to get it there and then down the hatch.

We are lucky that he won't actively ingest non-food items but really, anything with smell is fair game. Vicks scented used tissues? Delicacy. Popsicle sticks? Lick 'em for the taste. Cat makes retching sounds? Score! Cat food!

He would take the pb jar
 to his bed if he could
Yesterday I got a call because he had eaten sweetie's banana chocolate chip muffin from the middle of the dining room table, no mountain goating required. Today she caught him in the act trying to nudge the muffin toward him with his paws. As if stealing breakfast isn't bad enough, this morning he got into my purse while I was asleep and ate an entire pack of Trident gum...with xylitol.

Therein lies the problem. Xylitol is an alcohol sugar that dogs don't metabolize, it will cause insulin spikes and without treatment is commonly fatal. So I freaked out and made him puke. Hydrogen peroxide down the hatch and within 10 minutes all the gum and a little bit of breakfast was out of his stomach. Then I had the nerve wracking task of watching him all afternoon to make sure everything was ok. Nothing makes you more paranoid than analyzing drinking, breathing, peeing and heart rate. I am not a DVM, I don't claim to be but I did count how long he peed this afternoon and how long he drank. I did not make graph but I was so ready to.I was also thisclose to going to the e-vet and I don't fault anyone who would in this situation. I did give him some simple sugars throughout the day to keep any weird insulin spikes hopefully at bay. He got 1/4 c of applesauce, 1/2 c of plain Greek yogurt, another 1/2 c. of the yogurt for dinner with honey and a poached egg. Today became "rest your guts" day.

I'm getting more peroxide and we have activated charcoal on hand. Do you have a counter surfer? What strategies do you use to keep your dog and your food safe? Thankfully all is well tonight. Max had a walk and is, once again, foraging for food.

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