Max's Story

I'm Max and I'm' a 9 year old chocolate/tan American Cocker Spaniel. I finally came home on St. Patrick's day 2009. Talk about lucky! I live with both my moms and Charlie the cat (who is mean) with a yard and plenty of peanut butter and belly rubs.

I met my mom when she worked in a large animal shelter in Kansas City and was helping with morning potty breaks. I was in the shelter for the second time in my short life just waiting to find my forever human.

Mom and Me after I got groomered
Mom couldn't adopt then but she did fall in love. I got to live in her office all day. We learned behaviors. She wrote a petfinder description with my awesomeness and requirements, vetted my adopter who was a very nice lady and followed up. It was going so well...until it wasn't. The very nice lady brought me back to the shelter 4 months later for "dog reactivity" and some health issues that she couldn't handle and then, finally, I came home with mom. That was over 6 years ago. We have a long way to go but I'm learning how to be nice to the cats, do all sorts of tricks and be a great dog.
Me and Mommy on the couch. She insisted on sharing the space.

Mom started this blog to remember the stuff she does and let other people know that the best dog stuff is made with a lot of love but not necessarily a lot of money.

Mom says:
Dog stuff I'm into includes nutrition, homeopathic/holistic care, TCVM, Agility, Feisty Fido, training silly tricks, cooking for Max, doggie clothing (which he's mortified by, I think) mediating cat/dog disputes and snuggling with the "Mr. Wiggles".

Non-dog stuff includes murder mysteries, random knowledge acquisition, techno music, sewing and pattern design, cooking, crime drama's on tv and taking on new projects with the hope of finishing them someday.

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