Monday, December 12, 2011

Hello World!

Hello World! This is my first post on this blog so please indulge me in telling you our story.
It all started with Max, a cocker spaniel my sweetheart and I adopted from a local shelter three years ago. He had several issues we were working through, and like all pet owners, I began searching for the best things for him. Along the way I discovered I could make most of the things he needed for much cheaper and better than I could buy it. This blog is dedicated to that with a few other DIY things thrown in. When possible we try to handmake, recycle and reuse because not only is it better to keep things out of landfills, but it was much cheaper and I am a thrifter at heart. I hope you enjoy the project ideas, recipes and tips that go into making Max the happiest dog he can be and are inspired to try your own ideas.

Of course I have to give props to my sweetheart for working on the layout code for me. If you want to check out her personal fitness blog, you can go here.

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