Sunday, May 27, 2012

I'm Back!

The mom's went on something called "vacation" last week. I don't know where they went but my Uncle P and Aunt C came and stayed with me (and the cats). It was hard work for me keeping them safe from the mailman and making sure they didn't throw anything worthwhile away but I got it done. It did thunder a bit but Aunt C is awesome and so I wasn't so scared. Anyway, the mom's came home and brought me a souvenir. A stupid shirt. Then they took a picture. My dignity is wounded but I do look sharp. I'm glad the mom's are home so I'll let them show you my shirt. (They have to help since I don't have thumbs.)


  1. You are handsome in any outfit, from any angle : )- I'm glad you helped keep the Auntie and Uncle safe while your moms where away. Did you welcome them back with lotsa tail wags?

  2. More like a full body wiggle - but yes - we were very welcomed!