Thursday, April 26, 2012

Love Your Pets Day

I'm not sure if there is an official "Love your pets day" but maybe there should be, (as opposed to Hug your pets day, which is a bad idea). Today I put on the monkey suit and the pantyhose and the spanx and the heels and headed out to a large job fair. I can't say I was excited or even optimistic. I don't love these events which seem to be mostly populated with staffing centers, for-profit colleges and branches of the military but no one with specific positions they're hiring for. Since I'm actively looking for a new position these events are a necessary evil. While I was surprised and may have developed a lead or two at this one, it wasn't much better than a time-share sales pitch. When I left Max was snoozing on the couch. When I came home I was met by an excited, wiggling little guy.

Then I went into the bedroom (to get out of the Spanx and breathe again) and found Sadie and Charlie. Sadie sleeping and Charlie watching her before he left his post to get pet.
It's at this point I realize how great, even though all their flaws, my pets are. Charlie will bite your ankles to initiate play but most of the time he just wants head butts and body rubs. Sadie's not in the best of health and we live in mortal fear that she'll puke on our heads while we sleep but she is the best night time cuddle bug ever. Max freaks out at the sight of other dogs but is easy and willing to train and loves to follow us around. 95% of the time my pets are awesome. I can't always say the same thing about me. So for today and here on out I'll try to be more mindful of the great pets I have and when people complement them I won't be so quick to point out their flaws but appreciate all the joy, goofiness and love they bring.

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  1. oh man, I HATE the feeling that goes with the type of day I heard you describing (in spite of the surprising leads). But I love the sentiment of this post. It inspires me, when I'm faced with a situation where I either choose, or react, to be a less-then-nice-person, to actually make a decision to offer a response that a better person (is: the person that my dog would be if he WERE a person) would give. Thank you! And HUGS to the pets!