Friday, March 2, 2012

Max's New Friend- DIY Hedgie Toy

If your dog is like Max, you have a graveyard of forgotten toys. Max also has a glut of toys thanks to the check-out lines at the pet store filled with last minute, cheap squeakies.  Max's toys tend to rip along the seams because he loves to fling them in the air and shake them so I had a small pile of very worn toys to repair and I can't say I was excited about it. Then I saw this idea for a hedgehog toy from a car wash mitt on pinterest and decided I'd try it for Max. It took about 30 minutes start to finish so not a bad night's work.

First I destuffed the toys we were going to sacrifice and one of them still had a working squeaker so I kept that too. You can buy squeakers at your local big-box pet store if you don't have one to reuse. Next I went in search of the car wash mitt with thumbs. They were rumored to be at the dollar store but I didn't find any there so I headed next door to Old Time Pottery (love that store!) and found one for $1.99. They had several different colors but only the orange mitts had thumbs.

Cut the wrist band and most of the thumb off the mitt. some of my side seams started to come undone but don't worry too much since most of it will be cut off later.

The original instructions used beads for eyes and a pom pom for a nose but Max would rip those off in a minute so I used black felt for the mouth and eyes. Hand stitch the eyes on and sew a strip of felt along the bottom of the top layer of the mitt for a mouth. Don't worry about securing the ends of the felt since most of it will be cut off. Flip the mitt inside out.

Sew a "v" with a short flat bottom, mine was about 3/4 of an inch across, through the under-layer creating the face for the toy.

You will sew through the felt for the mouth. Trim off any excess and flip the mitt rightside out through the thumb hole. This was a little tight for me but it will work. Now it's starting to look like a hedgehog.

Stuff the hedgehog with the liberated old toy stuffing and add the squeaker through the thumb hole. Hand sew the thumb hole shut and toss to your dog!

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