Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sweet Potato Treats

So we recently has a freak December thunderstorm and Max does not do well with thunderstorms. He has a thundershirt which helps a lot but he still won't sleep alone in his room.

Max loves his Thundershirt

As I was trying to convince him that it was all going to be OK, I went to get treats and realized we were out! I dug out a piece of cheese for a treat and fell asleep on the couch with Max sleeping in his bed on the floor. I decided I would make an easy treat the next day.

I had a sweet potato and so I decided to make sweet potato chips, which Max likes. This treat is really easy but it does take some time.

Dehydrated Sweet Potato Treats

You need one medium/large sweet potato. Peel the potato and cut in half or quarters, depending on the potato size.
Cut thin strips of potato and place them, without touching, on a cooling rack set in a cookie sheet.
Place in a warm or low oven with the door cracked open to let steam evaporate.
Remove when sweet potatoes are crisp all the way though.
If you have two sheets, rotate sheets during dehydrating.
This process can take 6-8 hours to dehydrate. I usually put it in the oven and go to bed.
Once these are done and kind of shriveled store airtight at room temperature for up to two weeks.

Happy Sweet Potatoes!

Cut Layout on the sheet Done!

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